Bangladesh-ROK bilateral relations

The Republic of Korea recognized Bangladesh on May 12, 1972. Diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Republic of Korea was established on December 18, 1973.  The Republic of Korea opened its resident diplomatic mission in Dhaka on March 1, 1975. Bangladesh opened its resident diplomatic mission in Seoul on February 16, 1987.

After the diplomatic relations established in 1973, Bangladesh continued to enjoy warm, friendly and active bilateral relations with Republic of Korea. Both countries share common values, democratic principles, ideals and goals and strive to achieve them nationally and internationally. Mutually beneficial cooperation has built up in the fields of economic, technical, defence, trade, investment, cultural, education, and manpower.

Foreign Office consultations at the Foreign Secretary/ Vice Minister level were put in place in 2009 during the visit of Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs of ROK to Dhaka. The second consultation took place in 2014.