Labour Welfare Wing

The Labour Welfare Wing involved on employment promotion and welfare of the Bangladeshi workers and other expatriates from Bangladesh living in Korea in line with the Overseas Employment and Migrants Act 2013, Expatriates` Welfare and Overseas Employment Policies 2016 and Wage Earner`s Welfare Fund Rules 2002.


Background of Bangladesh’s Labour Market, Present situation and Future prospect in Republic of Korea


Mainly by individual endeavors and mostly as a route to reach the highly developed Japan, Bangladeshis started coming Korea during the late eighties; where few of them stayed and settled here. Officially Bangladeshi workers started to come here under Industrial Trainee System (ITS) during the early nineties (1994). Allegation of irregularities and high migration cost compelled the Korean Government to replace Industrial Trainee System (ITS) with the present Employment Permit System (EPS) in 2004 by signing MOU with 6 (Six) countries (Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and Mongolia). Unlike ITS, EPS is a government to government (G2G) mechanism to select and hire foreign unskilled/low skilled workers without the involvement of any private recruiting agents. Bangladesh was prohibited to send workers for a quite long time along with few other countries, due to allegation of irregularities and high migration cost during the former ITS period. After much negotiation with the Korean government, Bangladesh succeeded to sign MOU on EPS with ROK on 4 June 2007 and first batch of Bangladeshi EPS workers arrived here on June 3, 2008. Under the guidance of HE Ambassador, Labour Wing officials along with other officials of the Embassy are working very hard in providing the best service to the EPs workers and other members of Bangladesh community living in ROK.  

  • Detail Functions:
  • Employment of Bangladeshi manpower through promotion of relations with the Government and other authorities of the ROK, Welfare and protection of the interests of migrant Bangladeshis
  • Help the migrant Bangladeshis in respect of accommodation, treatment and other facilities, and to provide legal aid, if necessary Efforts to mitigate problems of non-payment of salary and other benefits
  • Assist in repatriation and burial of the body of Bangladeshi workers;
  • Preserve in the data bank, information relating to overseas employment;
    Submit reports to the government, from time to time, as regarding trends in labour market and welfare of workers;
  • Visit the worker place and hospital and detention centers
  • Arrange promotional programmes, seminars, workshops, discussions, and meeting.
  • Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  1. MOU for sending workers under Employment Permit System (EPS) during 2007


  • Probashbondhu Call Centers
    Bangladeshi expatriates living in abroad can communicate with Wage Earners` Welfare Board (WEBW) for welfare related activities/services by Hotline, fb, IMO,Vibar.
  • +8809654333333
    • fb/probashbondhucallcenter
    • IMO:+8801678668813
    • Vibar:+8801678668813
  • Organizations/Authorities in Bangladesh
  1. a)  Ministry of Expatriates` Welfare and Overseas employment:
  2. b)  Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (BOESL):
    c) Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET):
    d)  Wage Earners` Welfare Board【WEWB】
  • Contact: 
First Secretary (Labor)

Embassy of Bangladesh, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: 82-2-796-9010; Fax: 02-790-5313;

Mob: 82-10-9188-4056