MRP Re-issue

MPR is valid for 5 years and is not renewable. It has to be reissued at expiry of its validity, or when MRP is lost or damaged. The information of the previous MRP must remain unchanged. Any change of information needs to be backed up by valid supporting documents.

Documents  required:
Filled in MRP Application Form (online submission not necessary.)
Download Form : Reissue Form(New Form)
One recent passport-size photograph (55X45 mm).
Original MRP along with a photocopy (data pages, i.e. page 2-3).
Police report certificate (if lost).
Copy of birth certificate/ national ID used before to make the previous MRP
Fee: KRW 120,000           (For Student KRW 40,000)
Bioenrollment: Not needed. If you want to change your photograph/signature in your reissued MRP, you need to have a fresh biometric enrolment at the Embassy.

N.B. During Applying And receiving must bring your Old passport.