Visa (General Information)

To apply for Bangladesh visa, the applicant has to submit original passport valid for at least 06 months with minimum two blank pages. Visa application must be submitted first online at and then in hard copy along with 2 (two) recent passport size photographs with white background. Only online visa application form will be accepted. Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be rejected without citing any reason thereof. Applicant may be called for an interview if it is felt necessary by the visa issuing officer. Visa fees are non-refundable.

Working hours for visa application:

Application receiving time: 9.30 AM to 12.00 PM (weekdays)

Processing time: 3 working days

Delivery Time: Weekdays 4.30 to 5.00 PM


For Korean citizens: KRW36,000 (Single entry); KRW 60,000 (multiple entry). No fee for diplomatic or official passport holders.

For others: Please contact the consular section of the Embassy.

Required documents for visa:

Business Visa:

  1. A letter from concerned business organization in Korea introducing the applicant, his employment status in the organization and the purpose of visit to Bangladesh.
  2. A letter of invitation from Bangladeshi organization mentioning the applicant’s name, passport number, the purpose of visit and duration for which visa is required. It should be addressed to Bangladesh Embassy, Seoul.

Maximum duration of stay: six (06) months.

Tourist visa: 

  1. Invitation letter from any Bangladeshi citizen along with the copy of his/her valid Bangladesh Passport or National ID Card / invitation letter from any Bangladesh organization / hotel booking confirmation.
  2. Reservation of air ticket.

Maximum duration of stay: three (03) months.

 NGO visa:

  1. A letter from concern NGO duly attested by the NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. Appointment letter with full terms, conditions and salary details from the NGO (where the applicant is going to join).
  3. A letter from concerned organization in Korea mentioning the applicant’s position in the organization and the purpose of visit to Bangladesh

Maximum duration: three (03) months. Visa may be extended from Bangladesh.

Journalist Visa:

  1. Filled up FF1 and FF2 form with signature.
  2. Storyline.
  3. Equipment list.
  4. A Letter from the Organization / Media House where the applicant is currently working.

Duration of Journalist Visa: Maximum one (01) month.


Employment Visa:

  1. A letter from concerned employer in Bangladesh mentioning the applicant’s position in the organization.
  2. Approval letter from relevant Ministry or Board of Investment (BOI) or Export Processing Zone of Bangladesh.
  3. Appointment letter and contract papers with full terms and conditions including salary details.

Duration of Employment Visa issued by the Embassy is three (03) months. To be further extended from Bangladesh.


Diplomatic Visa / Official Visa:

Note Verbal or official letter from the  concern Ministry / Office  of the ROK government mentioning the applicant’s position, duration of stay and the date of joining in the concerned embassy/ office/organization in Bangladesh.


Duration of Diplomatic / Official Visa: As required.


Student Visa:

  1. A letter from Government approved Educational Institution of Bangladesh where the applicant has got admission or is going to be admitted.
  2. Sponsorship letter from the concern Educational Institutions of Bangladesh.
  3. Last three month’s bank statements of the financial sponsor.

Duration of Student Visa is Maximum one (01) year. Visa may be further extended from Bangladesh.


Research / Internee Visa:

  1. An approval letter from the respective Ministry of Bangladesh.
  2. A Letter from concern Organization / Institution of Bangladesh mentioning the applicant’s purpose of visit with details of the Research / Training / Internship program.
  3. A letter from the present Employer/ Organization where the applicant belongs to.


Duration of Employment Visa is Maximum three (03) months. Visa may be further extended from Bangladesh.


Tablig (T1) Visa:

  1. A letter from the Central Tablig Markus in the ROK.
  2. A letter from Tablig Markus of Dhaka, Bangladesh.



To apply for NVR, applications must be submitted online at and a printed and signed copy with one passport size photo has to be submitted at the Embassy. Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be rejected without citing any reason.

Additional documents required for NVR:

Any of the following documents:

  • Valid Bangladeshi Passport.
  • Copy of last Bangladesh passport held.
  • Bangladeshi Citizenship Certificate issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh and attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh.
  • Nationality Certificate issued by appropriate authority in Bangladesh attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh.

5) Previous Korean passport having ”NVR” stamping.

Additional requirement for child’s NVR:

1) Child’s Birth Registration/ family relations Certificate having parents name on it.

3) Father’s/Mother’s valid Bangladeshi Passport or copy of last Bangladeshi passport held.

Additional requirement for NVR for non-Bangladeshi spouse:

1) Valid Bangladeshi Passport/ past Bangladeshi passport of spouse.

2) Applicant’s Passport.

3) Bangladeshi Marriage Certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh

Or, Korean Marriage Certificate attested by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Birth/Death Registration

1.4.1 Birth Registration

The Birth Certificate can be provided to an MRP applicant or someone having a Bangladeshi passport but does not have Birth Certificate and intends to have it, and to children born of Bangladeshi parents in Korea.

  1. Requirements for Birth Registration:
  2. a) Duly filled in Birth Registration form. Please click here to find the Birth Registration form.

Please download it and fill in the same manually.

  1. b) Original Bangladeshi passport along with photocopy (page 1-5)/ Birth certificate from Korean hospital (where parents name and details are included)
  2. c) One recent passport size photograph.


  1. Fee: KRW6,000

1.4.2 Death Registration

Requirements for Death Certificate:

  1. Passport of the deceased person;
  2. Death/Medical certificate issued by local health authorities;
  3. Filled up Death Registration application Form; Please click here to find the Death Registration form. Attach passport size photo, if available.

1.5 Document Attestation/ Power of Attorney

1.5.1 Power of Attorney

Power of attorney service can be availed by either of the following methods:

  1. Signing the power of attorney documents in front of the Consular Officer of Bangladesh High Commission; or
  2. Signing the power of attorney documents in front of a Notary Public, and attesting it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea

NB: In case of obtaining the power of attorney regarding land property in Bangladesh, the document signed by the Embassy must be counter signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka prior to its use.

Requirements for signing the document before the High Commission’s Consular Officer:

  1. Applicant’s physical presence at the High Commission is necessary;
  2. Before coming to the Embassy, the document must remain unsigned;
  3. The executant must present a valid Bangladesh passport.
  4. One (01) copy passport size photograph for executants and one (01) copy of passport size photo for attorney.
  5. Original and/or Photocopy of proof of relationship between the applicant/executant(s) and the person to whom the power of attorney is given (passport/Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate/etc.).
  6. One (1) photograph of each executant must be endorsed with the document by the Notary Public;
  7. After signing it, the document has to be authenticated by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  8. Attorney’s photograph must be endorsed by the applicant (s) in front of the consular officer;

No specific form is available for power of attorney;

Delivery time: Same day after one hour from submission;

Fee: KRW 10,000 for each page to be attested.

1.5.2 Attestation of Documents

We attest different kinds of documents that include, among others, educational certificates/marksheets/transcripts, marriage certificate, birth/Death certificate, marital status certificate, guardianship certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, commercial documents, bank statements, Power of Attorney, translated documents, etc.

To have your documents attested by the Embassy, all documents must be attested by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul.

To obtain the attestation of a photo copy of the original document, applicant should submit the photocopy along with original copy. For signature attestation , the individual must come in person with valid passport and a passport size photograph.

Fee (Non-refundable): KRW 9000 per page (For foreigners), KRW 10,000 (For Bangladeshis)