Announcement for Awarding Woojung Education and Culture Foundation Scholarship 2021 2nd Semester

In order to award scholarship, the Wooojung Education and Culture Foundation of the Republic of Korea has called for applications from the interested Bangladeshi students who are pursuing studies (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD course) in different Universities in Korea. The above scholarship aims to extend financial support to the students for the 3nd semester of 2021.

The qualification for eligibility are as follows:
1.      A foreign student studying in Korea seeking financial support for tuition fees and living costs.          
Note : One must enroll formally at a university as an undergraduate or graduate student. Students enrolled in language classes do not qualify.

2.      Confirm that the applicant do not exceed the term of the scholarship (The reference start date is the date you begin school)
          – Undergraduate students in 4 year university         : First 8 semesters (First 4 years)
          – Master’s degree students                                      : First 4 semesters (First 2 years)
          – PhD degree students                                             : First 6 semesters (First 3 years)
          – Joint Master’s and PhD degree students               : First 8 semesters (First 4 years)
Note : We are unable to offer scholarships beyond the noted terms.

3.      A student who has acquired over 80 points score (equivalent to a grade of B) of academic records. But if the student has financial difficulties, this shall also be considered.
Note : A student must have at least one semester of grades and as a full time student from a four year Korean university to apply for the scholarship. (In order to determine academic potential).

4.      A student with good manners.
5.      A student with no government scholarship. Students receiving no scholarships from any source will receive preferential consideration when selecting Woojung scholarship recipients. 


1.      Application Form (Complete both in English and Korean) 

         – Address in Korea should be written in Korean, because the foundation has to send the certificate via post mail later on.

2.      Recommendation letter by professor or dean (Complete either in English or Korean)

3.      Certificate of Admission(Please refer to attachment for the sample)

4.      Certificate of Enrollment (Original Copy)

5.      Transcript (Original Copy)

          – If you have finished your coursework, and are working on your thesis, please submit the previous transcript 

            and submit the confirmation form for faculty advisor on a student’s thesis schedule.

6.      Self-Introduction (Limitation : 1 page only)

(Complete both in English and Korean)

7.      Study Plan for 2nd semester of 2021 (Limitation : 1 page only)

(Complete both in English and Korean) 

8.      Copy of Bank Account with Account Number

          – In order to wire the scholarship to recipients

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