Ambassador’s Profile

H.E. Abida Islam

Ambassador of  the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to The Republic of Korea


H.E. Abida Islam joined Bangladesh Foreign Service in November 1995. She has served in different capacities in several wings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka which includes International Organizations, Far East, South-East Asia, Americas-Pacific & Counterterrorism and Administration.

She has served in Bangladesh Missions in London, Colombo and Brussels. She also served as the first female Deputy High Commissioner (Head of Mission) of Bangladesh in Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Abida Islam has represented Bangladesh at a number of International Conferences, Seminars and Summits on a variety of issues. In the capacity of Director General, she was in charge of International Organization for six months and Americas Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka for the last two and a half years.

She has obtained a Master’s degree in Social Science (Sociology) from Dhaka University, Dhaka and also another Master’s Degree in Foreign Affairs & Trade from Monash University, Australia.

She is single. She has a son, Arshad Ahmed and a daughter, Aysha Ahmed.