Student Visa

Student Visa:

  1. A letter from Government approved Educational Institution of Bangladesh where the applicant has got admission or is going to be admitted.
  2. Sponsorship letter from the concern Educational Institutions of Bangladesh.
  3. Last three month’s bank statements of the financial sponsor.

Duration of Student Visa is Maximum one (01) year. Visa may be further extended from Bangladesh.

Student visa (S): (Multiple entry)                                   Visa Fees Won 60,000

학생 비자 (S): (복수 입학)

SL No.
Visa requirements
Visa requirements (Korean Language)
MRV/Visa Application form fill up online  (
MRV / 비자 신청서는 온라인으로 작성 하십시오
Two Passport size colour photo
두 여권 사이즈 컬러 사진
Certification of Admission
입학 허가서
School’s/collage/University recommendation for visa issuance
학교 / 대학 / 대학교 추천 비자 발급
Payment slip (initial payment amount)
지불 전표 (초기 지불 금액)
Copy of school/collage/university  registration
학교 / 대학 / 대학교 등록 사본
Guarantee letter
보증 편지
Copy of identification of the Guarantor
보증인 신분증 사본
Copy of identification of the Guarantor
보증인 신분증 사본
Certificate of bank guarantor of the guarantor
보증인의 은행 보증인 증명서
Passport photo copy
여권 사본

Research / Internee Visa:

  1. An approval letter from the respective Ministry of Bangladesh.
  2. A Letter from concern Organization / Institution of Bangladesh mentioning the applicant’s purpose of visit with details of the Research / Training / Internship program.
  3. A letter from the present Employer/ Organization where the applicant belongs to.

Duration of Employment Visa is Maximum three (03) months. Visa may be further extended from Bangladesh.