MRP Re-issue


MPR is valid for 5 years and is not renewable. It has to be reissued at the expiry of its validity, or when MRP is lost or damaged. The information of the previous MRP must remain unchanged. Any change of information needs to be backed up by valid supporting documents. Please note that a new MRP will be issued in case of MRP reissue.

Who can Apply

  1. a) A Bangladeshi citizen
  2. b) Who has a Machine-Readable Passport

 How to Apply

 Step-1: MRP Re-issue Application:

  1. a) Manually filled in MRP Application Form (Please Click here to find the form).
  2. b) No need to fill in online MRP Application Form. 

 Step-2: Submission of MRP related documents:

  1. a) The applicant must come to the Embassy in person along with required documents.
  2. b) Need to submit the required documents and pay fee

Step-3: Biometric Enrolment:

Not necessary. If you want to change your photograph/signature in your reissued MRP, you need to have a fresh biometric enrolment at the Embassy.

 Step-4: Delivery of passport:

  1. a) Once the passport is received by this Embassy from the DIP/Dhaka, the list is publicized in the Embassy’s website ( and Facebook page (Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul).
  2. b) The applicant should come to the Embassy in person in any working day (Monday-Friday) to collect the passport.
  3. c) Applicants are requested to come along with old passport, delivery slip and any other documents.
  4. d) MRP will be handed over together with the old passport (with necessary observation seal).
  5. e) If applicant cannot come in person and send anybody to collect the Passport in favour of the applicant instead, that person must carry a “Letter of Authorization” from the applicantWithout the “Letter of Authorization” from the applicant along with his/her signature, no passport will be delivered.

 Documents Required:

  1. a) Manually filled in MRP Re-issue Application Form.
  2. b) Original MRP along with a photocopy (data pages, i.e. page 2-3).
  3. c) One recent passport-size photograph (55X45 mm).
  4. d) Police report certificate (if lost).
  5. e)Application related to complete changes of applicant’s antecedent (i.e Name of applicant/ father/ mother) will not be received.
  6. f) Copy of birth certificate/ national ID used before to make the previous MRP

Fee: KRW 120,000 (For Student KRW 40,000). To be deposited at Embassy Bank Account.