Attestation of documents

What do we attest

We attest different types of documents that include: educational certificates, mark sheets, transcripts, marriage certificate, birth/death certificate, marital status certificate, guardianship certificate, police clearance certificate, bank statements, translated documents, divorce paper etc. Power of Attorney documents cannot be attested as per the instruction of the, ‘The Power of Attorney Act-2015.

Required Documents for Attestation:

  • The documents originated in Bangladesh must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh. All documents must be attested by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • To obtain the attestation of a photocopy of the original document, the applicant should submit the photocopy along with the original copy. 
  • For attestation of signature, the applicant must come in person with a valid passport and a passport size photograph. There is a prescribed form for signature attestation and the applicant needs to sign therein in front of the consular officer.

Fee (Non-refundable):

 KRW 9,000 per page (For foreigners), KRW 10,000 (For Bangladeshis)

Please Note:

For attestation of document, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh has launched a mobile application namely ‘Dutabash’. The applicant can attest their documents digitally with the help of Dutabash app.

The Dutabash app can be downloaded both from iPhone and Android mobile.

Attestation/Authentication/Execution of Documents (such as Affidavit, Power of Attorney, Consular Documents, etc.)

General Guidelines:

a) Attestation of various documents such as Marriage Certificate, Driving License, Power of Attorney, Educational Certificate, consular documents are attested by the Embassy.

b) Documents originating in Bangladesh must first be attested by the authorized officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

c)Documents originating in the Republic of Korea first have to be attested/authenticated by the concerned authority (i.e. Foreign Ministry and other related Ministries of that country) before its submission to this Embassy for attestation.

d) For attestation of Power of Attorney/Affidavit (Holofnama)/Statutory Declaration or similar documents, the applicant will have to appear in this Mission in person along with her/his valid/expired Bangladesh Passport. The applicant will have to sign the ‘Power of Attorney’ in the presence of the authorized Consular Officer of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul.

Attestation of Driving License and Issuing a Translation of the Driving License

Required Documents:

a) The photocopy of the genuine Driving License to be notarized;

b) Photocopy of the Driving License to be attested from the concerned Bangladesh Road Transport Authorities (BRTA) in Bangladesh and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Dhaka, Bangladesh;

c) BRTA original money receipt and MOFA delivery slip to be submitted along with the attested Driving License;

d) Photocopy/scanned copy of the Driving License /certificate will not be accepted.

Attestation of Nikahnama, Marriage/Unmarried/Divorce certificate

Required Documents:

a) The marriage related documents such as Nikahnama, Marriage /Unmarried/Divorce Certificate should be submitted to the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul after notarized and attested from the Ministry of Law, Dhaka and Consular Wing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh respectively;

b) Scanned copies of the Nikahnama, Marriage / Unmarried/Divorce Certificate will not be accepted;

To marry foreign women (especially Korean women):

a) To marry a Korean woman an Affidavit (consent declaration) of the applicant’s legal guardian (parents) needs to be submitted prior to its notarization and attestation from the Ministry of Law, Dhaka , Bangladesh, and the Consular Wing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh;

b) Fake signed Affidavit will not be accepted.  After investigation if it found fake the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul will take necessary legal steps against the applicant;

c) Unmarried Certificate to be collected from the concerned Office of the Deputy Commissioner (DC) with attestation from the Consular Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh;

Attestation of Educational Certificate/Academic Certificate

Process of attestation:

All educational degrees/ certificates/documents originated or obtained from Bangladesh must first, be attested from:

a) Firstly, from the relevant Educational Institutions/Universities/Board of Education, Bangladesh;

b) Secondly, from the Ministry of Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh and

c) Thirdly, from the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh

d) Finally, attestation by the Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul for submission at any educational institutes/organizations/offices in the Republic of Korea.