Contact in Korea

Mokima Begum First Secretary (Labor)
Embassy of Bangladesh, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: 82-2-796-9010; Fax: 02-790-5313; Mob: 82-10-9188-4056

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Contact in Bangladesh

Organizations/Authorities in Bangladesh
a) Ministry of Expatriates` Welfare and Overseas employment:
b) Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (BOESL):  c) Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET): d) Wage Earners` Welfare Board(WEWB):

Probashbondhu Call Centers Bangladeshi expatriates living in abroad can communicate with Wage Earners` Welfare Board (WEBW) for welfare related activities/services by Hotline, fb, IMO,Vibar.+8809654333333 • fb/probashbondhucallcenter • IMO:+8801678668813 • Vibar:+8801678668813