Diplomatic Visa / Official Visa:

Note Verbal or official letter from the concerned Ministry / Office of the government of the Republic of Korea mentioning the applicant’s position, duration of stay and the date of joining in the concerned Embassy/ office/organization in Bangladesh.

Duration of Diplomatic / Official Visa: As required.

Visa for Government Delegation  

Who can apply

Government Delegates who intend to visit Bangladesh for the purpose of official tour/duty/visit, can apply for Government Delegates visa.

Duration of Government Delegates visa

Government Delegates visa may be issued for as required with single, double or multiple entries.

Required Documents:

SL No.

Visa requirements



MRV/Visa Application form fill up online  (www.visa.gov.bd )


Two Passport size colour photo


Note Verbal from the concern Ministry / Office of the Republic of Korea mentioning the

applicant’s position, duration of stay and purpose of visit in Bangladesh.


 Passport (valid at least for six months) with photocopy of photo page;

  Visa fees are determined on the basis of reciprocity with the country of the foreign national seeking visa. Please note that the visa fee is non-refundable, even if the visa is denied or the visa application is withdrawn.

Consular Service by post

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul provides consular services by post. You may send your visa application by post along with passport and all other required documents including a prepaid postal envelope with self-address, clearly written on top of the envelope.

In order to receive a visa by post, you must pay the visa fee by a postal order or bank draft in favour of the following:

‘Bangladesh Embassy, Seoul’

[Bank: KEB HANA BANK, Account No: 166-890000-59001]