Data Correction in MRP


The applicant may apply for data correction/Change of information in MRP

  1. a) Data correction is required in case the applicant inadvertently provides wrong data while enrolling MRP and the passport is issued with that wrong data. Please note that data correction should not be mingled with changing of information which requires proper document to do so.
  2. b) If an applicant would like to insert/change some of the information in the MRP for specific requirements.
  3. c) If the applicant intends to change information like changing full or partial names, permanent address, profession, date of birth, marital status etc. Please note that appropriate supporting documents need to be provided in such a change.

 Please note:

  1. a) Do not use MAC pc to fill in the form. Please use windows pc. 
  2. b) Internet Explorer/browser is recommended to fill in the form.

How to apply

Step-1: Data Correction in MRP Application:

  1. a) Manually filled in MRP Application Form (Please click here to find the form).
  2. b) No need to fill in online MRP Application Form.

Step-2: Submission of MRP related documents:

  1. a) The applicant should come to the Embassy in person along with required documents.
  2. b) Need to submit the required documents and pay fee.
  3. c) An interview may be required prior to the enrolment if any anomaly/anomalies found in the supporting documents. The Embassy of Bangladesh in Seoul reserves the right to request for any additional documents at any stage for necessary scrutiny.

 Step-3: Biometric Enrolment:

Not necessary. If you want to change your photograph/signature in your reissued MRP, you need to have a fresh biometric enrolment at the Embassy.